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Established in 2015, DPDW is an ambitious and aspiring design firm specializing in original and innovative design proposals in both domestic and international markets with our interim office located in the greater Sarasota / Gulf Coast Florida region.


Our environment is the defining character of our self-image and singularity. A designed conceptual response representational of our ingenuity and the discovery of an existential individuality comes only through the intimate connections with our immediate context both tangible and intangible. It is through a lack of relationship between our environment and our inhabited circumstances which brings us to adapt a weak sense of identity and authenticity. Through a homogeneous approach, numerous contemporary archetypes forge a fraudulent imitation, a sterile aesthetic synonymous with the combination of superficial styles, imitated cultural fads and popular idiosyncrasy while drawing of a diluted interpretation of foreign concepts. As a result, various constructed integrations have created a disconnected inhabitant, detached from any valuable concepts of place.


Only through the examination of historical precedence to the comprehension of regional tradition can we begin to speculate on an language of design with an independent relevance and virtuous quality. In this light, authenticity is defined by not only the past but by an unrelenting willingness to embrace a constructed vocabulary of our own time and immediate status. Influenced by regional and cultural precedence, our proposals begin to speculate on an design narrative that expresses the local and environmental qualities that define their individual context. A dialogue is created, a conversation between man and the natural elements, as well as elements to each other. The intention is to unify; to create a marriage between the natural and the man made; a true expression and celebration of place. Regional authenticity is our pursuit.


After receiving his Master's of Architecture from the University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community Design where he received top honors and nominations for his portfolio and architectural thesis addressing Florida Gulf Coast Vernacular, Derek Pirozzi has begun to generate an early body of work resulting in award winning proposals. In 2014 he was the recipient of both the Morpholio Award for Emerging Talent and the Well Tech Smart City International Architecture Award. Prior to forming his design studio, Mr. Pirozzi worked for a number of award winning architecture firms including Olson Kundig Architects in Seattle WA and Oppenheim Architecture + Design in Miami FL. Derek Pirozzi leads the conceptual design of all DPDW projects in collaboration with innovators and craftsman.


"Over these past several years I have dedicated my efforts to become a leader, designer, fabricator, thinker, author and a ongoing  student of architecture driven by my determination and ambition to create a large and diverse body of work. Daily I engage in various intellectual exercises, creating and conceptualizing my thoughts through written narratives and rendered perspectives. I am consistently searching for new creative outlets both physically and mentally. I believe that in order to become successful in this profession (or any profession) you must create a benevolent union with your craft through sacrifice, diligence and the unyielding love for producing a useful and meaningful result."